Catina is the owner, visionary and creator of GoNatural. She is a wife, an employee with the State of Florida of more than 20 years as a Systems Project Analyst, member of Tallahassee Junior Womans's Club, Gold Lifetime member of Women't Prosperity Network and visionary of Gemstones Outreach Ministry, Inc.. She enjoys traveling, reading, teaching, shopping and spending quality time with family and friends. She loves investing in herself as well as others by empowering them to discover their God given gifts and talent. GoNatural is a joy; Catina loves making and using homemade natural products.

Catina York, Owner


All GoNatural products are handmade just for you with all natural ingredients.
"Natural Ingredients Are Better"

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Mint/Eucalyptus Foot Scrub Donate to Our Cause Gemstones Outreach
Our Price: $10.00

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List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
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Mint/Eucalyptus Foot Scrub Donate to Our Cause Gemstones Outreach
Give your feet a break with this
minty refreshing foot scrub. Take some
time to kick your feet up and scrub those
tired feet. Your feet will thank you.

Apply to damp feet, scrub gently with cloth or
hands. Rinse and enjoy those sweet feet.

2 ct. size jar 10.00
6 oz. 20.00
8 oz. 30.00
17 oz. 50.00

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Epsom Salt,
Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Gemstones Outreach is a non-profit
organization founded to ensure that
underprivileged individuals are clothe
and feed as well as receiving support
needed; may it be financial, emotional,
physical and/or spiritual.

It is the desire that Gemstones Outreach
reach all of these individuals at their
immediate needs as well as raise awareness
regarding the issues they face on a daily basis.
In order to do that, we need your help.

All donations are tax-deductible and will go
directly towards our annual benefit which
acknowledges the individuals we are seeking
to help.

We sincerely appreciate your continued
support as we strive to ensure that no
individual's needs go unmet to economical.
restraints. We could not do this without partners like you.